Income Protection

Income Protection

An income protection cover is an equally important cover with a lot of employed & self-employed people opting for it these days.

Taking care of your family is a big responsibility to shoulder especially when you’re the only breadwinner in the household. Hence you’re income/ salary obviously is something you look forward to each month.

But when the income stops suddenly due to an unexpected illness or injury you probably turn to your savings if you do have it in place but wouldn’t that eat into your savings. The impact it’s going to have on your lifestyle is something a lot of people tend to underestimate.

Taking into consideration our current lifestyles it’s not surprising really to get diagnosed with a serious or critical illness even when you’re in your 30s.

Fortunately there’re ways to prepare yourselves to deal with such a situation.

An income protection policy simply secures a part of your income & protects you & your family against any unexpected eventualities including illness, injury, etc. In case you’re not able to continue working due to an illness the policy pays out the amount you’re covered for each month until you’re back at your feet again or right until your retirement age depending upon the type of plan you choose.

It is important though to get an advice on which option or plan suits you the most & our team that consists of fully qualified financial advisers can help you decide which route you want to take by giving you an impartial advice on which option fits your needs.

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