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All this while providers across the market have only focussed on competing with each in order to sell the cheapest cover however recently some providers have acknowledged the fact that many people feel there’s no real benefit in it for them during their life time. So to deal with this they’ve come up with benefits added to your regular policies. The most important benefit you get with these policies is medical assistance, not just for you but for your entire family & that too for free.

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With the ever rising funeral costs, going for a funeral plan that guarantees to cover the entire funeral cost is the best way to buy peace of mind. It is not an insurance plan but a product for which you pay so that no one from your family has to worry about paying for your funeral expenses.

The last thing your loved ones would want when having to deal with bereavement is to go through the hassle of getting a claim from an insurance company so they could pay for your funeral especially when they don’t have enough cash on them.

This is where a funeral plan is different, they’re just a phone call away when the time comes. They don’t need to go through any hassles of claiming any money, no one needs to be paid as long as the funeral plan is paid for in full. The Co. takes care of everything.

There are different plans available & our advisers are well qualified to guide you in the right direction with regards to choosing the right plan for you.